When you are in as competitive a market as social media, one where buyer attributes are not well established, Mac and his team at AcquireB2B were able to overcome those obstacles and deliver high-quality leads that have substantially grown our sales funnel and revenue numbers. They are simply the best of partners.
Debbie DeGabrielle

CEO, DeGabrielle Consulting

AcquireB2B quickly assessed HealthPro’s short and long-term needs,” McDaniel recalled, “and they developed a lead generation and nurturing program that was designed for getting in the door with prospects.

AcquireB2B’s campaign was persuading decision makers at our targeted radiology and pathology practices to click through to landing pages and download information.” Most importantly, it was resulting in leads in the pipeline — the company was “getting in the door” so it could make the sale.

Denise McDaniel

Marketing Manager, Tutle Services Inc.