lead Qualification Criteria

 I was thinking about all the lead qualification criteria we’ve seen used in B2B lead generation programs and started listing them by category. 

Here’s what I came up with so far:

  • Firmographics (Industry, company size, location)
  • Demographics (Contact’s title, job function)
  • Contactability (Phone number, email address)
  • Action taken (Attended webinar, downloaded whitepaper, requested pricing, spent time on particular Web pages)
  • Need for your product or service
  • Fit (Your products or services meet or exceed their technical, performance, reliability requirements)
  • Competition (What other competitors are involved, and can you win against them? )
  • Contact’s role in the purchase decision process (Recommender, influencer, decision-maker)
  • Timing (Purchase decision timing, implementation timing)
  • Availability of funding for the purchase (Has budget, can get budget)
  • Size of the opportunity (Quantity needed, revenue potential)

What criteria do you use to determine that leads are qualified as being ready for sales follow-up?

How do those criteria fall into the categories above? Are there additional categories of criteria I should add to the list? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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