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B2B Lead Generation Insights

Worth more than a penny

Our observations and advice, when put in practice, equal much more than a penny for your thoughts… in our humble opinion, of course. So see how much value you can derive from this content.

Answer 6 key questions for B2B sales lead success

You’ve spent a great deal of time, effort and money putting together your business-to-business sales lead generation programs. But how you handle the leads once you get them will make the difference between a happy sales team and new customers, on the one hand, or an...

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Need more B2B leads and sales? Fix your website

How can you make your B2B website exceptional at generating more leads and sales? From a leads and sales point-of-view, what makes a website exceptional? It helps move visitors from simple awareness to serious It answers enough of their questions to keep your company...

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Nurture leads to maximize sales

Your longer-term prospects represent three out of four of your sales opportunities. When prospects respond, only one in four is ready to make an immediate purchase. To use an analogy, imagine your marketplace is an orchard of fruit trees. Your marketing people are the...

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How to create buyer personas

Personas are detailed profiles of fictional but representative prospective customers Tom is a successful businessman in his early 40s. He’s the CEO of a mid-sized wireless communications company that has experienced steady growth and profitability over the past...

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Marketing automation pros (and amateurs)

We love marketing automation. We use it – in some form – for every client. It provides many more options with far less effort, and that translates into savings on multiple levels. If you use a marketing automation platform in-house, you’re probably familiar with the...

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Use marketing to build your business for less

Lower cost-per-touch tactics pay dividendsMost of the profitable, fast-growing companies I know don’t rely solely on the folks in sales to generate new business. Instead, these successful companies use a marketing-driven sales approach to get more sales for less. They...

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B2B marketing content’s contexts

Who are you? The answer matters. It should be one of the first considerations for any content. Let’s start with you. You’re reading this because you might be looking for an agency to help you with lead gen. Or maybe you think that marketing automation could solve a...

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Marketing? or lead generation?

There are subtleties. Just make them obvious.Marketing is many things – everything from product initiation and branding to market penetration modeling and ROI calculations. But is it lead generation? Or is lead generation just a marketing function? If getting your...

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All marketing tools go to the back of the line.

You probably would have to look very far to find a business person who doesn’t think that strategy is vital. It’s so vital that it’s the first thing people do when they’re planning virtually anything – revenue growth, product development, marketing, sales… So why do...

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Leverage videos for B2B lead generation

The statistical evidence concerning the effectiveness of online video marketing is overwhelming. Yet most B2B companies haven’t jumped in. Why not? They likely have dabbled in it and learned it’s more difficult than it looks. Just because the tools are readily...

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