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July 05, 2016


The statistical evidence concerning the effectiveness of online video marketing is overwhelming. Yet most B2B companies haven’t jumped in. Why not? They likely have dabbled in it and learned it’s more difficult than it looks. Just because the tools are readily available doesn’t mean that they’re quickly learned or easily used.

More Leads

B2B video is a great device for reaching prospects before they’re willing to speak to a salesperson. There’s a Catch-22 in B2B marketing today:

  1. B2B products and services are complex.
  2. Prospects want to do their research online.
  3. But they have limited attention spans and even less time – they won’t read a 12 page white paper or sit through a half hour SlideShare presentation.
  4. 63% of B2B deals go to the first vendor in the door.

Well-produced video can generate leads when other approaches aren’t working. A video produced by professional B2B marketers with skills and expertise in visual storytelling and multimedia technologies can deliver your complex marketing messages in three minutes, and in a way your prospects willingly consume.


More Revenue

A video won’t close a $100,000 deal for you, but it can persuade a lead to let you in the door early, thus giving you an unfair competitive advantage. Cost of sales can be reduced, even while your sales people enjoy that most precious of all sales assets – attention from qualified leads.

More Effectively

That early access allows your salespeople to influence the conversation and grow relationships. So, when the inevitable bake-off occurs, you have the inside track. You have less need to discount prices, because you’ve had the opportunity to persuade the decision-makers concerning the value of your solution.

Executive Summary

Online videos produced by B2B marketing professionals with visual storytelling and video production skills produce more leads, more revenue, more effectively. The learning curve is significant. Engage Acquire B2B video resources to cost effectively generate qualified leads.

For more information on how you can learn to leverage video in your B2B marketing efforts, just email us at info@cquireb2b.com or call us at 800-366-1877.

Authored by Bob Leonard
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